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Below is a testimony sent to me from my God-mother. She shares how God has had a plan over her life including her career and encourages others to submit to his plan as well:

Today I came to work and found many messages from my Supervisor, all news was good and I wanted to share God’s glory exposed.  She let me know that one month ago she filed the papers for another promotion and as of today I am GS-12/1.  I can’t help but praise God because when I left my position at the CIA I was a GS-6 and I followed God’s voice to be a full time mother.  The Pastor said I heard Satan and there was no one to trust, BUT GOD! The journey was through homelessness, brokenness and then miraculously I landed smack dab in the middle of God’s plan.  I enjoyed everyday with my children and just as a bonus, God caused others to see and they desired to entrust their children to me!  I became an entrepreneur and opened my daycare which remained for fourteen years.  Well, I always knew that God would equip me to do whatever it is He had planned for me, the problem was being able to accept His plan as THE plan!  Towards the eleventh year I started writing up plans, I needed a building, computers, more space, but GOD’s plan was different! I have reflected back on the twists and turns and hardships that were designed for me and I marvel at God’s Glory!, Willingness is a product of real acceptance and trust!

Even though I left my job at the CIA I enjoyed what it afforded me!  I always felt like the least in my family and there I was working for the most prestigious and elite society in our government, I felt like everyone should think better of me.  When I walked away I did so out of obedience, however, my acceptance and willingness came a little bit later.  Maybe I am not theologically correct but my obedience didn’t come with willingness of spirit or acceptance.  I can’t tell you the exact date but I became willing and accepted the leading of God with thankfulness and gratefulness.  Somewhere in between the time I spent living in my sisters basement and 616 Melville, I became willing.  The good part about willingness when it is produced it remains.  There are times when a new twist in His plan is revealed to me and I get sad, but that light affliction is but for a moment.  Today I rejoice in God, He has THE PLAN for my life and I am so glad:)  I realized that when my desire is limited to please only one, I am afforded the confidence to know that I am the apple of His eye!  Wow, He has been so good!  Hard work and perseverance didn’t get me here, not talking about the temporal place but the state of being!  God means it when He says there is a rest!  That beats the sweat of my brow every time!!!
How many people have their own business for 14 years celebrate 17 years of Federal Service (tomorrow) and still have the uncanny awareness that God’s not finished switching it up! I have said all this to encourage you all and what is the sense of being obedient if you are not willing!  Willing folk produce thanksgiving which exposes the Glory of God.  Submit to HIS PLAN, and abort yours God knows what is best!  I am living an amazing life, full of challenges and change until the close.  Can’t wait to see what is next in God’s plan!!!!


  1. Sam

    What’s up, just wanted to tell you, I loved this post. It was inspiring. Keep on posting!

  2. Cameron

    Keep on writing, great job!

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