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In case you’re wondering what else I’m up to in between the various blog posts I write (which really do need to be more frequent and consistent) here’s your answer! You can catch me featured on the #realchurchMATTERS podcast! This podcast was created by my brother/ business partner, Forrest, who is a dynamic creator, speaker and devout believer, interested in having a conversation about REAL CHURCH MATTERS. We discuss the topics that may get overlooked in church, the topics that we both talk and think about all the time. This year for us both has been all about being a louder voice in the faith. And that’s simply all we intend to do.

So check us out! We are 2 episodes in and have been getting some great feedback! (not that matters, but it is encouraging) Each and every Tuesday we share a new episode. Subscribe, share with your friends, social media, all that.


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